[Odds and Ends] I’m Back Again, It’s Friday

6 Nov

I must begin this post with an explanation of my absence. On Wednesday night my band Kid Omega (yes, that obscure Worcester indie-punk band with an all but defunct blog) was playing a show at Tammany Hall with the ever excellent Sister City and the incomparable Britney’s Spear. Three acts. Three styles. Three hours. A couple of spilled beverages, one of which was especially entertaining. The house band never showed up. Epic fail. Oh and the Yankees won the World Series. Don’t want to talk about it.

On Thursday it was my good friend Beckie’s birthday, and so there was a lengthy dinner out at a nearby restaurant with all the trappings. And then I was writing a paper, which carried over into this afternoon.

But now it’s the weekend. Life is good, we are young, and the beer is cheap. Real world, I’ll catch you Sunday. Until then, I’m making good on my opportunities. In my estimation, the blog doesn’t count as the real world so I’ll probably post something tomorrow.

Sunny Day Real Estate – Friday (From LP2)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – The High Party (From Hearts of Oak)

[I will refrain from inserting the entire Andrew WK discography here, although I was mighty tempted]

Buy ’em up:
Sub Pop


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