[Addendum] Releases I’m Psyched to Hear, Winter ’10 Edition

3 Jan

Today, I write from the freshly snowbound wastelands of Vermont, where cold and shoveling grow in unrivaled abundance.

Yesterday evening, some much-delayed inspection of the ol’ RSS reader brought to my attention that I’d failed to include the few different things that Andrew Jackson Jihad are putting out this year in my Winter 2010 list; I await them with bated breath.

Andrew Jackson Jihad have announced a slew of new releases for 2010. First is a live LP recorded on a 4-track at a hotel after party during The Fest 7 in Gainesville, FL. Said LP saw a limited release with a special pressing at The Fest 8, and will receive a wider release in January through Asbestos Records.

Second, the band will release a split 7″ with Chicago’s The Gunshy via Silver Sprocket; this record should be available by February.

Last but not least, Andrew Jackson Jihad will do a split with O Pioneers!!! that will see a vinyl (and perhaps CD) release via No Idea Records, and a limited cassette release through Underground Communique.

(via Punknews)

Oh yeah.


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