[Tech] LastHistory, or, Little Musical Dots of Joy and Wonderment

17 Mar

If you’re like me, then you have an obsession with the quantification of your listening habits that most people would deem unhealthy. If the options of sorting through your listening history on last.fm just aren’t cutting it any more, there’s a free application available for Mac users called LastHistory that allows for some pretty cool visualizations of what you have listened to in the past. If you have an antiquated internet connection and/or a slew of scrobbles, it might take a little while for LastHistory to sort through all the data, but on the plus side, it will save it all on your hard drive for quick future access.

Once you’ve spent a couple weeks in a row indoors combing through your last.fm archives with LastHistory, you can go ahead and take a look at other folks’ profiles. “Username” is the only field that needs to be completed, so taking a look at other people’s last.fm histories is a snap. Want to find out who amongst your friends really discovered Vampire Weekend in 2007 or listen to their own shoddily-recorded demos over and over again? Now you can. (Never did revisionist deletion of old scrobbles hold so much appeal.) The good book says “judge not, lest ye be judged,” but this tool allows you to judge away with thousands of tiny multicolored dots spread out over an expansive time canvas. What will they think of next?

Download LastHistory

(Via the ever-so-excellent Lifehacker)


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