[Video] Dave Grohl in FRESH POTS!

12 May

If you know me personally or have read this blog for some time you know that I like coffee.

A lot.

I’m hardly alone in this sentiment, considering both a random sampling of my group of friends and its gross overexposure in popular culture. Apparently Americans are pretty awful at sleeping, so we compensate with sleeping pills to knock us out, coffee and energy drinks to pick us up, or the straight-up-awful-for-you combination of both.

A while back, I saw this video for the first time (who to attribute this original viewing to, I simply can’t recall). It prominently features Foo Fighters frontman/Them Crooked Vultures & Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. Grohl has two personas that I have been able to discern since my middle school infatuation with the Foo Fighters (launched by that “Learn to Fly” video featuring Tenacious D as maintenance personnel): attempting to be funny, and being really angry at Courtney Love. This video would be an example of the former.

Grohl tweaks and flails about under the influence one moment, then crankily demands a “FRESH POT!” the next. I for one question Josh Homme’s estimate that Grohl was consuming “five fresh pots a day” of coffee. It seems like an inflated number, plus no one knows how much coffee Grohl was really drinking but Grohl [get it?]. This video is symptomatic of several things: the increasingly sleepless nature of life in these United States, the extensive coverage of coffee in popular culture today in the hopes of earning a cheap laugh, and the wearing thin of Grohl’s shtick as he enters middle age.

None of these things stopped me from chuckling and watching this video repeatedly, of course.


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