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Another Year, Another Fantasy Baseball Draft

26 Mar


Decked out in my finest jersey and ballcap I ascend up one flight of stairs to engage in what a co-habitant refers to as the “nerdy” annual ritual of fantasy drafting. Five men in one room (and a few others abroad), each (excepting one) with a laptop precariously perched on slow-roasting legs. The righteous indignation of the league manager at the no-shows who keep auto-picking Yankees (a most forbidden course of action). Punishment meted out accordingly. Misleading sunlight and chilly air seeping in through a cracked window. Eyes frantically scanning statistics postulated and actual. Bad pop culture references and worse puns. The recitation of mundane factoids regarding players both significant and obscure. The small sense of victory as the player I believe a “savvy” pick falls to my draft slot. The silent scrambling for a new player as my next planned pick is taken by another owner. The frequent and increasingly familiar sound effects emanating out-of-sync from our respective machines, indicating any number of happenings. Bored yawns making the rounds as the pack mentality refuses to give ground even in the face of the 21st century.

I feel pretty good about how this one turned out. Guess we’ll see in October.