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Lunch – “turn around”

19 Jun

This is a catchy little number I stumbled upon the other day in my internet travels, from an obscure local band, no less. However, if they keep churning out tunes like this, they’re probably not going to be obscure for that much longer…

After several spins, the best description I can manage of this song is that it’s built on a busy, fuzzed-out sound canvas that’s drowning in reverb and centered on an infectious hook straight out of  The Replacements’ “Can’t Hardly Wait.” I am definitely looking forward to listening to the follow-up.


Rest in Peace, Clarence Clemons

18 Jun

As you may have heard by now, celebrated saxophonist and  longtime soul of the E Street Band Clarence Clemons passed away today at the age of 69. Try imagining “Born to Run” and countless other Bruce Springsteen songs without Clemons’ playing. You probably can’t, and if you can, I’m sure they don’t sound all that good. His playing was that integral to the sound that propelled Springsteen to stardom in the mid-1970s.

For the Cliff’s Notes version of how good Clemons was, listen to 1:46 – 2:05. You’ll be glad you did.