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The form waving at you off in the distance comes into focus and you realize it’s an old friend. You think about waving back, but you’re not sure if it’s been too long to not be awkward.

23 Jul

Hi there, denizens of the internet who happen upon my blog by searching for something else entirely! Many full moons have waned away, only to wax into shape again. We’re all definitely a little older–your Botox will stop no clocks–and maybe just a little wiser and world-wearier. I think I’ve got all 3 non-toxin bases covered.

And how are you? Really? Wow, that’s interesting!

I abandoned this bastion of the web July last because I was having a hard enough time wrapping up my Master’s degree, finding a job in a new city, finding an apartment in said new city, and then moving to the new city and adjusting to the new job. A lot of other milestones and big events happened too but I’m not in the blog game to get all confessional so let’s just leave it at that. 

It’s presently the past’s future, and I’ve decided to give just a sliver of that time to writing/ranting/raving back at good ol’ CFB. Above all else, I am looking forward to reading scores of endlessly creative, thoughtful, and highly relevant spam comments. Spammers are the most articulate of all writers, and we could all learn a thing or two from their example. Real go-getters, the whole lot of them!

Expect more things in the weeks and months to come.