Back when my guitar skills were even more primitive. Credit: Beckie Moses

Born in June of 2008 out of a desire to somewhat-productively fill the stretches of downtime that were an occasional part of my summer at home, Confounded Fret Buzz has had several incarnations, including two separate stints as a wannabe-mp3 blog. At this point (subject to change) it’s still a music-focused blog (see title) with occasional digressions into unrelated subject matter, though I try to bring it all back to the music in a roundabout fashion even when I do occasionally go off the beaten path. It’s a little slice of life documentation in a mode of presentation that doesn’t quite conform to Twitter standards.

If you have thoughts that you don’t want to put in the comments section, or if you would like to submit your music for me to eventually get around to reviewing, feel free to shoot me off an email:

confoundedfretbuzz [at] gmail dot com


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