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[Odds and Ends] Making the Jump

21 Feb

I’m fully aware that I’ve gotten complacent in regards to good ol’ CFB of late, so I figured that the blog would be best served by me either stopping it entirely (smells like defeat) or migrating it over to WordPress (to shake things up, plus I’ve heard some good things). After some admittedly hasty deliberation I’ve decided that I’m going to bite the bullet and make a fresh start over on WordPress, even though they just had an “epic” 110 minute service outage two days ago (hey, I work in IT, this stuff happens sometimes). Mostly, I’m just tired of wonky formatting things happening when I’m writing posts.

Depending on the number of inevitable snags I hit during the migration process, it’ll probably take a week or two to get everything fully up and running over at I’m also presently digging through a backlog of new music to review so I’ll be getting back to that when I have some reasonably free time.

[Resisted the urge to embed Van Halen’s “Jump” music video here; it’s so abhorrent that it goes far beyond ironic]


[Video] Redesign a-comin’

22 Oct

Hey there everyone,

I’ve been bored with the layout of the ol’ blog for some time now and have done some subtle tweaks over the last few days, but I’m planning a more thorough redesign that hopefully I’ll have time to do this upcoming weekend, particularly if the weather’s godawful (and knowing Worcester, I’m pretty much guaranteed one crummy day this weekend). A fresh look does not good content make, but it’s a start I suppose. If I have a canvas to work with that doesn’t look awful, I’ll probably be more liable to put more effort into my posts.

In the meantime, I invite you all to watch this:

Just bought my ticket for Nov. 29 in Boston. Excited? Hell yes.

Keep truckin’ folks. Now I’ve got a book to slay and a paper that I will write in its blood. Sorry if that was graphic.