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[Odds and Ends] I’m Back Again, It’s Friday

6 Nov

I must begin this post with an explanation of my absence. On Wednesday night my band Kid Omega (yes, that obscure Worcester indie-punk band with an all but defunct blog) was playing a show at Tammany Hall with the ever excellent Sister City and the incomparable Britney’s Spear. Three acts. Three styles. Three hours. A couple of spilled beverages, one of which was especially entertaining. The house band never showed up. Epic fail. Oh and the Yankees won the World Series. Don’t want to talk about it.

On Thursday it was my good friend Beckie’s birthday, and so there was a lengthy dinner out at a nearby restaurant with all the trappings. And then I was writing a paper, which carried over into this afternoon.

But now it’s the weekend. Life is good, we are young, and the beer is cheap. Real world, I’ll catch you Sunday. Until then, I’m making good on my opportunities. In my estimation, the blog doesn’t count as the real world so I’ll probably post something tomorrow.

Sunny Day Real Estate – Friday (From LP2)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – The High Party (From Hearts of Oak)

[I will refrain from inserting the entire Andrew WK discography here, although I was mighty tempted]

Buy ’em up:
Sub Pop


[Odds and Ends] It’s Saturday

31 Jan

When I realize it’s been 10 days since I last made a post, I go ahead and make another post, if only because it makes me feel better. Plus, with hundreds of pages of reading staring me in the face, there’s simply no better time to blog, an activity which I derive no monetary or academic benefit from!

Adam completed mastering all the songs for the EP, you can listen to three of the four songs here. There will be cover art to add to the legitness eventually.

[Odds and Ends] Because I will do almost anything to avoid attending to my studies…

29 Oct

So it’s already been a couple weeks since my last post, which doesn’t seem at all possible, and yet it is. This evening it started snowing, which drove home the point for me that before I know it the semester will be over. Being busy does tend to make the weeks pass pretty regularly I guess. A lot of note has happened in the gap between entries, and although perhaps it would be wiser for me to spread the content of this post out over multiple ones for the sake of updating more frequently, the temptation to say everything at once is simply too great. So:

Kid Omega (my band) played a show at the VFW in Walpole, MA last Friday. There were some pretty awesome people there and it was a fun time for sure to get out of Worcester for a little bit. It was a great experience and hopefully we can get some more shows soon…which leads me to my next entry…

– When attempting to book shows, it is advantageous for one to have several songs put to tape of halfway-decent quality. So, for this and other reasons, this upcoming weekend we intend to do some recording that takes place outside of the confines of our room. You know, with electrically powered instruments and stuff. Pretty exciting, I know. And once we have some new recordings, we can post them on Myspace,, etc. too for y’all who care to listen. Looking forward to it.

– I can’t wait for the election to be over and done with, so long as it turns out the way I’m hoping it to. If not, I’m liable to pack up my things and move to Canada. I hear that Ottawa’s the London to Montreal’s Paris…

[Odds and Ends] Odds and Ends

27 Aug

I know I’ve been terrible at updating this blog regularly but I find myself generally busy of late and typically devoid of much inspiration. I just moved into my new accommodations for the year and they are a definite upgrade. At long last my band has found housing under one roof. Let the creative juices flow 24/7! “What band?” you may ask. This band:

Kid Omega: The Myspace
Kid Omega: The Page
Kid Omega: The Blog

That was some shameless self promotion, no? Hey, I’ve got to put something here. Plus, I’m really psyched about this year music-wise. Check out our pages if you want.