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[Video] Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – “The Mighty Sparrow” (live)

12 Mar

This is one of four videos over on culled from the band’s new release The Brutalist Bricks.

A review of that album is forthcoming, sit tight folks.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Video] A Free Agent Out There Needs Your Help

3 Mar

With baseball’s spring training well underway, it seems fitting to post this touching video about unsigned free agents, hosted by Sarah McLachlan.

(Via Big League Stew)

[Video] In Soviet Russia, Music Sings You

28 Feb

A trippy introduction, bare-bones set, fashionable suit and questionable lip-syncing ability join forces to make this one of the greatest cultural happenings of all time.

[Video] Frontier Ruckus – Mona and Emmy (live)

27 Feb

Frontier Ruckus is a delightfully folksy band from the Detroit area of all places. I first heard this song on Daytrotter last week while I was doing research at the public library for my honors thesis. I proceeded to listen to it over and over again, and it is now decidedly my favorite song of February. Check them out. Plus their website is really cool in a minimalist artsy sort of way (even if it is well nigh impossible to use).

[Video] Capricious Horses

16 Jan

Agreeing with Tom Gabel’s sentiment that this band would be one well worth joining:

One can only hope that the upcoming White Crosses will include such excellent Russian influences.

[Video] Serj Tankian, Eat Your Heart Out

18 Dec

(Via Cracked)

[Video] Finals Got You Down?

15 Dec

Not after you take a gander at this slice of awesome.

Didn’t do the trick? Then you may have bigger troubles. Good luck to all who’ve got essays and finals due, and therefore lots and lots of problems.